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Hi! My name is April Adams and I  am a Master Psychic Clairvoyant.  I was born with the psychic ability and am a 6th generation psychic. At a young age I used my gifts but discovered the responsibility for reading someone was too much for me to deal with at such a young age.  So I decided early on that I did not want to give psychic readings for a living.  I wanted something different for myself.  I felt overwhelmed knowing that my readings could have a significant impact on another person's life.

When I decided to embrace my gift, I knew it was going to be all or nothing.  So I dedicated my life to honing my skills and educating myself.  I strive to give the most accurate and detailed readings possible.  I have been told that one session with me is like twenty years of therapy.  No matter how difficult your situation, if you are ready, I can help you.

As a clairvoyant, I can read someone and see their energy just by using my psychic ability.  Occasionally I will communicate with a person's spirit guides to help tap into the highest and best information for them at the time.  I do my best to give specific answers to questions, as well as assist in making positive and lasting shifts in people's lives.  I've developed a unique method of cleansing and releasing  negative energies that really works!  It is best described as taking an energetic shower from the inside out.

I am available to do readings by phone all over the world or in person in the greater Los Angeles, California area.

Call me at (909)485-6953 or send me an email at Dr. April Adams at  certifiedaccuratepsychic@gmail.com.

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Call Dr. April Adams, Master Psychic & Clairvoyant, at (909) 485-6953!